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The Texmondo Story

Created in 1997 in Milan (Italy) and introduced by the end of June 1998 during the Pitti Filati Fair (Florence - Italy), Texmondo.com has been for years the first internet textile-apparel portal for housands of textile firms all over the world.

The original idea from the 1997 was very simple but quite ambitious: Using the emerging internet potential to serve the needs of textile professionals by federating the useful information worldwide. Our business model was also very basic: "to earn more than spending".

On the marketing side, Texmondo.com has been the first pure internet service making advertising in the "real" world. A revolution, ten years ago !

The famous internet "start-up" period (1999 - 2001) has been very difficult times for Texmondo.com. In fact, our customers was confused by the offers and the quantity of new competitors. On our side we wasn't willing to follow the -crazy- trends of the moment. Fortunately, our other services (consulting, marketing and web-design services) helped us to survive until the market becomes cleaner.

In 2000 Texmondo.com opens a headquarter in the south of France, near companies like DELL, IBM, Perrier, ...

In 2007, Texmondo.com celebrates his ten years and becomes a textile search engine.

Our philosophy is still unchanged: we still try to offers useful, simple and well targeted internet and marketing services for textile professionals at the best conditions.

For whom is Texmondo.com contrived ?

Texmondo.com is contrived for textile-apparel professionals all over the world. And particularly, all actors of the textile chain from the fibres producer to the manufacturer (filament producer, spinning mill, warping/sizing, weaving and knitting mills, Non Woven producer, engineering, commercial agents, designer, and so on) will find there information's and links directly connected with their daily activity.

Who are the builders of texmondo.com ?

The Texmondo.com concept was invented by Mr. Franois Hoff and realized by the Ki Solutions company with the technical support powered by the E-Media company (Brussels - Belgium).

Before creating this start-up company, Mr. Hoff was in charge for years of the sales and strategic marketing coordination on the Italian market for some of the biggest textile raw material industries in the world like, for instance, (mainly: Lenzing [Austria], Danaklon [Denmark], Fisipe [Portugal], Lintops [Belgium], Lanasur [Uruguay], Peignage Dumortier [France], ...).

Mr. Hoff, was expert for textile and internet related projects in the 5th. Framework Program (Science, Research & Development) for the European Commission, is still senior consultant in cybermarketing and IT Services for many companies textile and non) worldwide.

Who's the owner of Texmondo.com ?

Texmondo.com is a registered trademark and service of the following company:

Ki Solutions Group s.a.r.l
41, rue du Cantonnat
30670 Aigues-Vives (France)
R.C.S Nmes 433 177 524 - Siret 433 177 524 00017

Media speaks about Texmondo.com
The french Press speaks from Texmondo
Internet Professionnel (France), January 2000

PME Magazine

"For the websites and the professionnals reachable thru Texmondo.com, the 12.000 monthly visitors are far more important than the millions connexions of a generic portal "

PME Magazine - Handelszeitung (Switzerland) - August 2000

Fashion Magazine (Italy) - December 2000

Il Corriere della Sera speaks about Texmondo.com
Il Corriere della sera (Italy) - September 2001

Texmondo.com is invited to introduce his model to international conferences

Texmondo.com invitated at the ITIT conference

ITIT Conference organised by Ascontex and the ECC Commission: "Preparing the future for the textile and clothing chain: the impact of new information and communication technologies" (Italy) - introducing the Texmondo.com model - March 2000
Texmondo.com & the Textile Fair's

Texmondo stand at Intimare Fair (Italy) - February 1999 / 2000
Texmondo stand at Intimare (Italy) - February 1999 / 2000

Texmondo at Expofil (France) - December 1998 / 2000Texmondo.com at Expofil (France) - December 1998 / 2000
Texmondo at Expofil (France) - December 1998 / 2000

and also present at: PITTI Filati (Italy), FILO (Italy), TECHTEXTIL (Germany), MODA IN (Italy), PREMIERE VISION (France), Salon de la Lingerie (France), MIATEX (Italy), READY TO SHOW (Italy) INTERTEX (Italy), ...

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